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Your Color Banners & Custom Vinyl Banners...
Where to Hang Them for

A bit of planning and the right tools and hardware can make a big difference in the impact your color banners make on your business. Your custom vinyl banners when properly located and neatly hung will get noticed people in the door! A professional, well laid out banner is a must. Colors, font message and finally location all have a giant impact on how well it does for you. The coolest, best designed banner in the world won't do you any good if nobody sees it.

So plan a professional look and proper location make all the difference between customers seeing your custom vinyl banner and stopping in or driving right by.

By following these steps, you will be able to get the most out of your color banners, both in actual life of the banner and effectiveness in getting your message across. Consider the following to find the best place to locate your color banners.

1. How big is the space you've got to put it in? How are you going to hang it-ropes, drill into the wall, bungee cords?  You don't want it too big for the space and you don't want it too small.

Too big and it's tough to hang without folding it over, pulling it tight and it looks sloppy and unprofessional. It reflects badly on your business.

Too small and it's hard to read or just looks out of a peanut on an elephants butt!

2. Where will the most people see it! (Kind of a duh sort of thing.) Trade offs here...maximum exposure may be harder to install or may be smaller than suggested for the distance from the road. If that's the case consider shortening your message to get into the space that will reach the most potential clients.

3. Location-Location-Location...kind of goes without saying but if you hang your custom vinyl banner on the side of your building or under an overhang because that's the easiest place to hang one you'll greatly reduce the chances your banner will be seen.

4. Do a drive by: drive by your business from the street(s) in front of you and see where the best place is to maximize viability.

Location A shows well from the street coming from one direction but not another. It's got a great spot to hang an outdoor banner but people coming from the other direction won't see it until it's too late.

Location B shows well from both directions but it's got to be a smaller banner and will be harder to install.

CONSIDER...two banners or location B which will get more attention

5. Putting your color banner in the grassy area in front of your business? Remember right of way issues and city codes and regulations.  You want people driving by to see it but you don't want to obstruct sight lines of people driving by and cause a safety issue. 

Ask us about different banner poles and hangers to properly display your banner in front of your business.

6. Do a final drive by after you've put them up.  Getting the results you expected? Will making an minor move increase visibility? Need to adjust st the angle to make your custom vinyl banner more visible or did you put it up crooked and it needs to be straightened up? Need to tuck a corner to get rid of wrinkles? Remember, you want your color outdoor banner to look professional and reflect well on your business. The time on an adjustment or two will  be worth the time.

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Where are the "in crowd" of Custom Vinyl Banners hanging out?

When you came to this page there is a pretty good chance that you already knew where and why you wanted to have a vinyl banner. Now that you have a little more information, chances are you will consider vinyl banner signs for other purposes as well. With their versatility and low cost they are a great choice for a number of applications. Here are a few ideas to get you started

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custom vinyl banners at point of purchase

full color banner printing of indoor wall banners

hanging banners to hang from ceiling inside of a store

vinyl banner signs for trade shows

over the street custom vinyl banners

light pole vinyl banner signs

full color banner printing for events

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full color banner printing for marketing promotions

vinyl banner signs for grand openings

custom vinyl banners for seasonal sales

the possibilities are endless!



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